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I think I’ve passed the date from when I started this screencappery… *checks past posts*

……Errr never mind D:



As we last left off Indy had just learned that Sophia got kidnapped by the Nazis, like THAT was unexpected, and had just left that island only a few moments ago.

And through sheer wits and thingy thingy, Indy managed to quickly build a hot air balloon.


Yeah, sure Indy.

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03 November 2009 @ 06:47 pm

I dreamt that I was doing open heart surgery on someone.
It went quite well actually. :D

In other news, in the Digimon cartoon, the second season, in the episode with Kari being drawn to the Dark Ocean.
Okay how long did it take me?... at least 8 years to notice that the big shadowy figure at the end was based of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.


The worst part is that I for a time, I thought I was the first one to even notice the similarities! *face palm*
But surely I am the first to ask; Does this mean that those working at Bandai are followers of Cthulhu?
And my awnser is: Yes, and that's awesome.


On other news..

To my horror, I have begun to have an interest in The Sims again (the first one).

I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with that game, I buy it, play it for an half hour, I lose interest in it, and sell it only to buy it again. Yes I’ve bought it twice. TWICE! GAH!

And I was also almost close of buying a box containing every upgrade (living large, making magic… a.s.o. a.s.o.).. and I dunno what to feel bad for either, not buying it or for almost buying it.

Sim games aren’t my thing that’s for sure…


I have good news and bad news…

Bad news:

It’s a hot summer day and I have a cold. (more like had)

A COLD. Is that normal? D:


Good news:

Indy is back for some more Screencappering! Yaaay!


A big thanks to darthbalmung for telling me about Windows Live Writer! Thank yoooooou!

So what’s happened since we last left Indy?


After a rushing chase through the streets of Monte Carlo, to save a kidnapped professor Trottier from the Nazis, he finally got a decent clue to Atlantis whereabouts!

Indy: I tried to warn him of the Nazis.

Me: Yes you did, but the guy was all like "That will never happen!"

Hat: *sigh* And we all know what happened next.

So now with a “sun stone” in hand our hero takes a trip to the island of Thera!


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Before we start, I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that I've reached the upload limit on Photobucket. D:
Which is 25000..... o_O
Good news is that I miraculasly enough can post post this episode.

So depending on if I find another upload site, or not, the future episodes will probably be put on hold... o_o
But considdereing that each episode takes a month for me to make as in waiting for the last minute to make them it probably won't be much of a problem to find one.
it wouldn't be so bad to get some help eaither.. :o

Right back to the game!-

In the last episode...
With the help of George the camel Indy finally finds the dig site, which had been abandoned.
Indy quickly learns why when he finds a telegram in a left behind truck telling about an evil plot of kidnapping.. er.. that french professor guy.
Unfortunately George the camel has run away leaving him stranded in the midle of the hot desert.
So now Indy's only way back to civilization is to somehow get the truck running.
Or is the answer in the Atlantean artefact he just found?

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18 October 2008 @ 05:25 pm
Important note: I've NEVER been good at explaining my opinion about stuff that mean something for me, nor about stuff that don't.
It won't be as "fluid" as some writing is (i'm gonna try my best though)... It will be somewhat random, as my thoughts usually are.
I'm just writing what I think at the moment and for the most part... I'm not sure of what I want to explain sometimes. :/

Ever seen a tv series, movie, comic that you really liked and suddenly it's over?
You've just seen the last episode and you KNOW that they ain't gonna make a sequel (becasue it would probably ruin it)...  and then, don't you just feel empty?

Usually when you're in that position the cure is to start on something new, or continue with the other things you watch/read.
But to me... when I tried, the feeling got worse instead..

Last night I found this sprite comic called Kid Radd, it's about a group of sprites who get ripped away from their game reality and dumped into the virtual world known as cyberspace/internet/whatever... The comic was made 2001 and finished in 2004.
I read through the whole thing that night, unable to pull myself away from it.
It was THAT good.

It might seem like the classical humor sprite comic at first, but as the story progresses the story and characters evolve and become something more.
But the most impressive feat, is that none of the sprites and backgrounds used are ripped from known games, they are all made from scratch (or heavy editing). There does however, appear a few recognizable sprites or two. And many of the games they visit are spinoffs of known games. But it just makes it even better in my opinion.
I really liked it, I really did. Because to me, it wasn't a comic, it was a story being told. The ending almost moved me to tears even.

As I went to bed that night, I began thinking about the sprite comic I wanted to make,  the story that I wanted to tell..
It was a comic I've planned on making for YEARS but never had the courage to make.

But then I noticed it.

This comic is like the one I've dreamed of making.
I have a bunch of idéas for the sprite comic, but a lot of them are very similar to parts in this comic.
Even their concepts are almost the same.
Some of them are so frighteningly similar that if I ever were to make my own comic, It would feel like I'm ripping off this one.
But when I think about it, this comic is a lot better than the one I was hoping of doing anyway.

I'm very glad that I found this, but also a bit sad as it shows me what I COULD have made if I just had the damn courage.
So the questions I have to ask myself now..
Is it too late to make mine?
Do I even have the courage to make it?
"Ever seen the movie Tron?"
One day, I hope the last question will finally make sense..
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11 October 2008 @ 02:48 pm
I'll take the Earplugs of Courage to protect me. If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link. :D
30 September 2008 @ 09:26 pm
*After repairing it* I must remember to properly check it before going to bed! D:

Last time on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis..

Our friend Indy did his best RPG impression and barged into random houses without knocking!
And won't you belive it, the guy we were searching for, the good man Omar Al-Jabbar, was in the fourth one we looked in! :D
Now perhaps we will learn more about Atlantis and it's whereabouts..
Omar Al-Jabbar the Hutt! XDCollapse )
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20 August 2008 @ 10:26 pm

I own a Wii now. :D
Playing Brawl like a psycho...

Nuff' said.

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This episode was supposed to be put up at the end of Juli, but the Lazyness Imp got me. XD
The readers have spoken
and it became a draw between the Wits Path and the Team Path..
So after a quick pulling a name out from a hat the final vote went to...

Drums please :DCollapse )
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 And here's the voting! Yayness! :D

For those who have seen part 6 of my screenappery know what this is all about.
So let's just get to the point.

This poll is closed.

What path shoud Indy choose?

Wits Path: Indy has to use his brains to solve problems.
Fists Path: Lighter puzzles, lots of fist fights and action movie-like solutions to problems.
Team Path: Features the Sophia Hapgood character as a reluctant sidekick and part of many puzzles.
Ps: Live Journal hates me. D:
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